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Welcome to Ron & Sara's Huntoon Street Report, the name we've given the main page of our new Huntoon Haven web address. Huntoon is our street, named for one of Topeka's founding pioneers. Haven describes our 35 acres of woods and prairie grasses and also the house we built here 20 years ago. It is a haven for wildlife, which we feed, shelter and photograph. It is a workplace, since we both still teach courses online even though we are both retired from the full-time professor business. In the time freed up by our partial retirements, it is also a haven for both of us, regularly sheltering us from the outside world by providing a place where we can quietly pursue the interests, hobbies and activities (as well as some online teaching resources) which we will report on this website. We hope you enjoy being here with us.

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Contact us at sara.tucker@washburn.edu or ron.evans@washburn.edu We're almost always home!