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October 6, 2021

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We go to the village Grill a lot, and after a return period of pandemic restrictions, finally it seems to feel again like a restaurant. Under the recent restrictions there were a lot of rules, such as only two to a table and those had to be married couples.  Or that masks are required except at the table.  Guests from off-campus were not allowed.  These and other regulations of course involved keeping return Covid under control.

But finally things are better and for the last few days all rules are off.  Full table seating is again allowed, including outside guests. And people move about more, stopping to visit among tables. This helps to raise the decibel level of the place, which is ok since many residents have hearing aids anyway.  In other words, it feels more like the fashionable restaurant that it is.

We always like to walk over and back, which reminds a bit of hotel stays in big cities.  Altogether it is perhaps a distance of a few short blocks. Often we stop at our assigned garden plot and where we are still picking mums even though it is October. 

There are more servers in the Grill and that makes the experience more pleasant.  Sometimes one comes over from another dining venue if staff is short, but regardless the wait times for food are not long. 

The last two weeks have featured meaty specials, so as a longtime vegetarian I have to pass.  But across time there have been good vegetarian dishes as the weekly special, and I do appreciate that along with the four regular no-meat options always available.

We generally stop to have a brief chat on entering or leaving with residents we know.  Nothing real long, but it does seem a little like Cheers……everybody knows your name - or at least your face.

So this is where the Grill is now.  Wide open for guests and groups dining together but since the place closes around 6:30, the last hour is pretty quiet.  We like quiet.  And of course good food, which the Grill serves in abundance and with great consistency.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


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