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Ron informs me that many people are very uncomfortable even looking at photos of snakes. So I've segregated some of my favorite snake photos on this separate page. Almost all are from 2007, when we just happened to have our old front door open, with only the storm door closed. It looked out on our front entrance, which has a stone-clad front walk and then two steps up to the front entry porch. It also bordered our old driveway pad, under which a black snake lived for years. We always rather enjoyed the snake, which kept the rodents down and would sometimes come out of its entrance hole to take the sun on the stone walk. It also would disappear at the first vibration of movement either from the front door opening or a car driving up.

All this is now changed, since we've since dug up and replaced the crumbling old concrete garage pad. I'm happy to say that this displaced no snake, since it happened in a period in which the under-pad cavity was untenanted. Perhaps someday a new snake will appear - if so, I'll hope to be waiting with my camera.

But anyway, one morning before that happened, we had the storm door open which let me observe the resident snake just starting to emerge from the hole it had made under the edge of the driveway pad. I quick grabbed my camera, snuck up to the glass door and was able to take a number of photos before the snake decided to retreat. Below are four of the better results.

Photo: Closeup of snake all curled up   Photo: Snake emerges from hole under driveway pad

Photo: Closeup of snake head   Photo: Snake full length

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